Concept of ‘Reverse Racism’ Voted to be Our Most Racist Achievement

The concept of ‘reverse racism’ – i.e. the idea of non-white people discriminating against white people – has been voted our most racist achievement ever – beating out such other great contributions to racism as:


  • The Sun “news”paper,
  • Britain First/EDL/The National Front/The Patriotic Association of Dipsh*ts,
  • The phrase “I’m not racist, but,”
  • The Metropolitan Police Force, and
  • Your nan


The reason why reverse racism has won isn’t because the phenomenon doesn’t exist (although many would argue that minorities who are accused of it are generally reacting to white-privilege as opposed to white-race, and therefore ‘racism’ isn’t the appropriate term for it), but actually for something else entirely.


To elaborate, the reason why it won is the fact that it’s referred to as reverse racism as opposed to just racism – enshrined in that phrase the idea that white people are raceless. Obviously that’s a problematic notion to float – a notion which surreptitiously suggests that there is a natural purity to whiteness, as opposed to the tainted otherness of those afflicted by race.


Which is of course nonsense, as whites are just as much a race as any other, and if you’re going to discriminate against someone purely because of their peachy pink skin, then you’re not a reverse anything – you’re just a bog-standard racist.



And obviously all of this is a massive achievement, as it takes a special kind of mind to be able to use racism as a criticism of someone else in a way which is inherently racist itself.



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