Feminism-Critical Meninists Criticised For Not Criticising Other Activists

Over recent years, one of the central arguments against feminism has been that feminists can’t really claim to be an equal rights movement because they don’t equally pursue the rights of all people.


However, some of the people who follow this “logic” have now come to realise that feminists aren’t the only group who specifically represent one sub-section of humanity – the other top offenders including:


  • Disability campaigners,
  • Civil Rights defenders,
  • Children’s charities,
  • Help the Aged


The argument for having specific rights groups are that:


  1. Different groups have different problems which are sometimes best dealt with as separate issues,
  2. That people may find it easier to stand up for themselves with the help of those who share their burdens, and
  3. That those who are overlooked by the mainstream often need to stand firmly outside of it in order to make their voices heard.


The argument against them – as put forward by one Derrick Swayne – is that they are “all bollocks.”


We spoke to Derrick himself to find out exactly what he had to say:


“I’m embarrassed by my fellow meninists if I’m honest, because although it is totally on the money for us to call-out feminists, the fact is that they’re not the only ones doing it, and when we don’t equally criticise all for not equally representing everyone, it makes us look like a load of hypocritical and dim-witted keyboard dipsh*ts.


“Because seriously – these other groups need putting in their places too – like disability campaigners for instance. So fair enough –some of them need ramps and sh*t – but what about my needs? I don’t know if you’ve ever tried walking through town centre at 3:00am on a Sunday morning after drinking your own bodyweight in tequila, but there’s a boat-load of sneaky-ass lamp posts just waiting to creep all up in your grill, and that sh*t needs to be covered in bubble wrap or foam or something.


“And Help the Aged? So yeah – large swathes of them are living in poverty, but what about us young men? Did you know that since the recession my job in The City only pays me enough to go out three Thursdays out of every four? As well as every weekend? And on top of that, Thursdays are 2-for-1 shots night, and yet work on Friday still starts at 9:00am? I mean – come on – who comes up with this bullsh*t?


“And all these children’s charities too – complaining that kids are turning up to school tired and hungry – like that’s such a big deal? Well I’ve got news for you kids – we’re all turning up to work tired and hungry – it’s called a hangover – and you get over it with three cans of Relentless and a jumbo Scotch Egg.”



We also spoke to a more generalised equal rights campaigner to see what they thought:


“The sad thing is that men do face issues which are specific to them – like a higher rate of suicide, a higher involvement in crime, and a higher rate of homelessness. However, a lot of these internet eejits aren’t using these issues to try and affect change, they’re using them to belittle and invalidate the arguments of other activist groups, and thus defend their own positions of privilege in the process.


“By which I mean to say that they’re arseholes. And if you’re troubled by the issues which affect men, then do something to help – don’t just criticise some other group because they’re not doing it for you.”



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You can SUPPORT THE SITE by buying one our books – our 2016 Annual, or a satirical re-telling of the Bible as written by a group like ‘Britain First’ who think that Jesus was well into his racism and that.