Season Finale: Daredevil Takes down FIFA but the Kingpin Escapes

Picture of The Kingpin taken from here.


The first season of Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ ended last night to widespread criticism, as the series’ main villain escaped arrest, despite the fact that he was obviously the one behind all of the bad crime. Our reviewer, Mark Tirade had this to say:


“Okay, so imagine this. Throughout this series, the FIFA Kingpin, Sepp Blatter has been behaving in an obvious and erratic way – behaving so crookedly that you just assume that he’s trying to make as much money as possible before packing a couple of hundred cash-suitcases and doing one to the Cayman Islands. I mean, we’re talking about seriously crooked stuff here. In one episode he awards the World Cup to the Frost Giants. In another episode he gives Ultron a special medal for contributions towards racism. In the finale, he’s literally caught selling football’s soul to Thanos in exchange for a spaceship full of blood diamonds, rhino horns, and unreleased ‘Beatles’ albums, but all that happens is he gives the cops a little smirk and they arrest everyone but him.




What the hell!?




Are we really expected to believe this shit? I understand that Daredevil is a comic book character, and that the show is a work of fiction, but there’s a big difference between believing that a well-chiselled beefcake is running around punching crime in his spare time, and believing that the most pantomime-villain imaginable can get away with 20 years of walking around with his corruption hanging out for everyone to see – swinging it round and grunting like a gorilla – flecks of his vinegary criminality flying off and hitting those watching in the mouth, and yet he gets away with it all by slowly sheathing it back in his trousers, shrugging his shoulders, and then pointing at the weasels who are suckling at his fraudulent teets.




Reportedly, the shows writers had originally intended to kill off the villainous wretch in a fan-pleasing scene that would have seen the citizens of the world kicking footballs at Mr. Blatter until his skeleton and organs packed in, but Marvel head honcho, Kevin Feige made them write a new ending, as the company needs a villain large enough to fill Thanos’ shoes after he gets quipped to death by Iron Man in the upcoming ‘Infinity Wars.’

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