POLL RESULTS – What Should Iain Duncan Smith do Next?

First of all, here are the additional answers which were provided by our readers. We should point out that we in no way condone any of these, but at the end of the day laughing about awful circumstances falling upon IDS releases some of the pressure and thus make you a lot less likely to inflict those circumstances yourself.


What Should Iain Duncan Smith do Next?


  • Become a rent boy in a lepers colony,
  • Euthanise puppies for the giggles,
  • Assassinate Donald Trump to begin to make amends,
  • Tell the truth,
  • Invite all of his Cabinet colleagues round to dinner to explain his resignation, and then feed them all and himself poisoned lasagne,
  • Get a dog up him,
  • Spend a long time in prison for murder,
  • In a spiked hanging cage, under Tower Bridge attached to a bungee rope,
  • Be dumped on another planet where he has to do slave labour to sleep and eat,
  • Claim Job Seekers Allowance and made to go and sign on every week at the Job Centre,
  • Replace the 90 billion pounds he threw away,
  • Spend the rest of his life shitting pineapples. Massive ones, studded with razor blades and corkscrews sticking out of them,
  • Self combust,
  • Bring down the entire Establishment house of cards,
  • Have the people he fucked over line up to kick him in the balls till he breaks, then see how he likes it,
  • Walk out into the sea,
  • Disappear up his own arse with a resounding Pop!
  • Sign on…..oh he cant there’s irony for you!
  • Be pushed off the white cliffs of Dover in a wheelchair,
  • Get a nice zero-hours contract job at Subway,
  • All the above.


And if you didn’t already get chance to vote in the poll, here it is with the results:




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