The Hourly Terrier Wins Website of the Year at the Terrier Awards

Following a blitzing first year in which our ferocious reporting has put an end to:


  • Fascism,
  • Hate,
  • Rudeness on social media,
  • Shia LaBouef
  • Pasties being either too hot or too cold – never just right,
  • Star Wars spoilers,
  • IFCGT (Inter-Facial Chewing Gum Transfer, i.e. losing your gum when necking strangers – a problem which was costing UK romantics up to £3:45 a year),
  • Low fives being withdrawn more quickly than you can make skin contact,
  • Armpit smell,
  • Birds,
  • Floppy discs, and
  • The military-industrial complex,


We have now also won website of the year at an awards ceremony!


Which we put on ourselves!


Which sounds like it’s cheating, but we were actually as surprised by the win as anyone. Mainly because we set it up when we were drunk. It wasn’t a small event either – there were over three thousand people in attendance – it just turns out that there’s a level of inebriation in between squiffy and blackout drunk at which point we suddenly become incredibly efficient event planners. Who would have guessed?


2015 Annual Social Media Advert-02


Anyway, other than The Hourly Terrier winning Website of the Year, the other big winners were…


The Hourly Terrier!


The categories included:




As the evening wore on and people began to realise that the event they were in attendance of almost certainly wasn’t the Led Zeppelin reunion they’d been promised, things began to get ugly – a situation not helped by our editor John Shafthauer’s insistence of reading the exact same speech every time he accepted an award. Predictably, the repetitive monotony drove people to drink – the drink drove people to get mouthy – and getting mouthy drove them to start throwing punches left and right. On the plus side though, it had been a slow news day up until that point, and without the incident we never would have written our award winning article, ‘300 People Missing & Presumed Sparked out Following Rampage by Drunken Terrier Man.’


So – all in all – a good year for us here at The Hourly Terrier.


Woof, woof!



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